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Back online….

Wow. ¬†I didn’t realize how much time had passed since I last posted here. ¬†An update¬†to WordPress¬†a few months back caused the admin tools to no longer work and I just never took the time to modify the config file to allocate more memory to PHP to get it working again.

I finally sat down today and took the time to make the change and now it’s back online again.

I’ll try to get a few pictures or updates posted here in the near future, but that information (and much more) ends up on Facebook. ¬†To put it here is just a repeat.



Primer bulb replacement – Cub Cadet CC 4175

In a departure from my usual blog posts, I thought I’d post the solution to a problem I had that I hope someone else will stumble upon and it will help them.

Problem:  I needed to replace the primer bulb on my Cub Cadet CC 4175.

Solution: After looking at my favorite online parts depot,, I found it was only available as part of a $42 carburetor replacement.

Given that my carburetor was fine and I didn’t want to have to replace it, I went to the local Home Depot and checked for bulbs there. ¬†I found an $8 multi-pack primer bulbs that I wanted to try.

Sure enough, the medium size bulb worked fine and I got my fix for ~$8.

I’m sure I could find the bulb even cheaper online if I knew the exact size (height, inside diameter, outside diameter, flange size, etc).
However, it was worth the extra money to buy it at ¬†Home Depot, get it that day, and be able to return it if it didn’t work.

CubCadet - CC 4175

Primer bulb replacements - Ryobi - Home Depot - Model # AC20100

Brent Charlotte Family Kathy Mason Morgan

I realized I haven’t been posting much here. ¬†Most of the updates end up on Facebook.

Charlotte is enjoying her Junior year of college. ¬†Morgan and Mason miss her, but they Skype and phone often, which helps. ¬†We also have several family weekends planned where we’ll all be together as well. ¬†She enjoyed her summer and really got into some art projects, thanks to some influence from Pinterest. ¬†She did a few crafts and paintings for Morgan’s room as well as some things for her own apartment.

Mason in enjoying school as well and is glad to have Cub Scouts start back up. ¬†We’ve already got some camping trips planned which he’s looking forward. ¬†And, like all the other Scouts, he’s excited about all the other activities: ¬†BB guns, archery, fishing, camp fires, s’mores, etc.

Morgan is doing fine as well. ¬†She turned four last month and is doing normal 4-year-old stuff. ¬†She’s become great friends with the little girl next door and usually is running over there directly after school to play.

We all had a great summer with some great trips and lots of time together as a family. ¬†I couldn’t ask for more.

Take care,



Hapy New Year!

I just found this in my Drafts folder.  Obviously, I failed to post it earlier.  I figured it is better late than never.


From NPR News

How A Trip To Costco Can Work As An Investment Strategy

Brent Mason

Wakeup call from the Cub Scouts

We recently toured WXIA Р11 Alive.  Here is our WakeUp call that was on the air this morning.


Family Kathy

Mother’s Day weekend

We did our best to spoil Kathy this weekend.

Among other things, she was served up a quiet breakfast in bed with her favorite coffee, fruit, and:

Of course, the Egg Nest was nothing new.  However, the Orange Blossom French Toast and especially the Blueberry and Lemon Ice were both new recipes.


Mason and me just after riding The Scream Machine


Brent Charlotte Family

2013 ZTA Daddy/Daughter Day

Charlotte and I had another great Daddy/Daughter Day with Zeta Tau Alpha.

Barbeque, bowling, and four great hours of uninterrupted Daddy/Daughter time.

2013-02-17 ZTA Daddy - Daughter Day















(This picture is from Charlotte’s phone. ¬†Higher quality pics from my camera to be posted at some point.)



Brent Charlotte Family Kathy Mason Morgan

GCSU and ZTA 2012 Family Day

We had a great time at the Georgia College and State University Family Day and the ZTA Family Day this past Saturday and Sunday!

I’m not sure who liked it best: Mason and Morgan because they got to spend time with Charlotte or Charlotte because she got to spend time with Mason and Morgan.

I’ll try to update this post with some pictures in the coming days.


NASA awards $100,000 grant for sideways supersonic plane concept, sonic boom not included