Primer bulb replacement – Cub Cadet CC 4175

In a departure from my usual blog posts, I thought I’d post the solution to a problem I had that I hope someone else will stumble upon and it will help them.

Problem:  I needed to replace the primer bulb on my Cub Cadet CC 4175.

Solution: After looking at my favorite online parts depot,, I found it was only available as part of a $42 carburetor replacement.

Given that my carburetor was fine and I didn’t want to have to replace it, I went to the local Home Depot and checked for bulbs there.  I found an $8 multi-pack primer bulbs that I wanted to try.

Sure enough, the medium size bulb worked fine and I got my fix for ~$8.

I’m sure I could find the bulb even cheaper online if I knew the exact size (height, inside diameter, outside diameter, flange size, etc).
However, it was worth the extra money to buy it at  Home Depot, get it that day, and be able to return it if it didn’t work.

CubCadet - CC 4175

Primer bulb replacements - Ryobi - Home Depot - Model # AC20100