Mason told me, “I want Morgan to get in trouble.”

I asked, “Why?  What did she do?”

He said, “She bit me.”

I told him, “I didn’t see her.  Are you sure she bit you or are you just trying to get her into trouble?”

He sheepishly replied, “Get her in trouble.”

…..silly boy…..

Arizona threatens to cut off power to Los Angeles

Whether or not I agree with Arizona’s SB 1070 is outside the scope of this post and not up for discussion.  However, I am entertained by the recent ‘back-n-forth’ between Arizona Corporation Commissioner Gary Pierce and Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa.

May 13, 2010: Los Angeles approves Arizona business boycott

Letter from Pierce to Villaraigosa

“Doggone it — if you’re going to boycott this candy store … then don’t come in for any [candy],” Pierce told

In the letter, Pierce ridiculed Villaraigosa for saying that the point of the boycott was to “send a message” by severing the “resources and ties” they share.

“I received your message; please receive mine. As a statewide elected member of the Arizona Corporation Commission overseeing Arizona’s electric and water utilities, I too am keenly aware of the ‘resources and ties’ we share with the city of Los Angeles,” Pierce wrote.

“If an economic boycott is truly what you desire, I will be happy to encourage Arizona utilities to renegotiate your power agreements so Los Angeles no longer receives any power from Arizona-based generation.”

Appearing to tap into local frustration in Arizona over the raft of boycotts and threatened boycotts from cities across the country, including Los Angeles, Pierce warned that Arizona companies are willing and ready to fight boycott with boycott.

“I am confident that Arizona’s utilities would be happy to take those electrons off your hands,” Pierce wrote. “If, however, you find that the City Council lacks the strength of its convictions to turn off the lights in Los Angeles and boycott Arizona power, please reconsider the wisdom of attempting to harm Arizona’s economy.”

Atta boy – Part 2

Last night, as I was putting Mason to bed, he asked about the singer on the CD I put on for him every night.

“Who’s singing?” he asked.

I replied, “I don’t know her name.  Just some lady.”

With a grin and a sly tone, he replied, “I want to kiss a lady.”