I realized I haven’t been posting much here.  Most of the updates end up on Facebook.

Charlotte is enjoying her Junior year of college.  Morgan and Mason miss her, but they Skype and phone often, which helps.  We also have several family weekends planned where we’ll all be together as well.  She enjoyed her summer and really got into some art projects, thanks to some influence from Pinterest.  She did a few crafts and paintings for Morgan’s room as well as some things for her own apartment.

Mason in enjoying school as well and is glad to have Cub Scouts start back up.  We’ve already got some camping trips planned which he’s looking forward.  And, like all the other Scouts, he’s excited about all the other activities:  BB guns, archery, fishing, camp fires, s’mores, etc.

Morgan is doing fine as well.  She turned four last month and is doing normal 4-year-old stuff.  She’s become great friends with the little girl next door and usually is running over there directly after school to play.

We all had a great summer with some great trips and lots of time together as a family.  I couldn’t ask for more.

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