Dancing in the Aisles….

From Mason’s friend Eli, comes this story:

Dancing in the Aisles

At church, Eli loves to dance in the aisle while the band plays. We actually bring him to his Sunday school class late just so he can enjoy the music. He doesn’t bother anyone and we have noticed that he actually makes most people smile when they see him dancing. This Sunday, we were so touched by a little girl about Eli’s age. She walked right up to Eli and began dancing with him. She imitated everything Eli did. If he clapped his hands so did she. When he tapped his head, she tapped her head. She was trying so hard to engage him. I am not sure if Eli knew what she was doing, but we did. This was so touching to us, because most kids give up on Eli when he doesn’t make eye contact with them. She didn’t give up and just danced Eli’s way. So, thank you to Mia in the pretty yellow sundress for dancing with Eli and making us all smile.